CNN Host Urges Black Lives Matter To Take over Future Trump Event

‘So we’ll see how strong Donald Trump really is ... right?’

COSTELLO: "With me now to talk about this and more is the Daunasia Yancey. She is the founder and lead organizer of Black Lives Matter in Boston and is also one of the five members who met with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday after the group was not allowed into a campaign forum in New Hampshire. Thank you so much for being with me. First of all, how would you respond to Donald Trump's comments? [that he wouldn't let Black Lives Matter take his microphone like Bernie Sanders]" 
YANCEY: "Well, we're protesting and calling for an end to violence against black people and being met with actual threats of violence against black people, which I find to be terrible. He's not a troll on Twitter. He's actually one of the most powerful men in this country who's vying for the most powerful position in this country. And so his public and proud threats and demeanor actually to me make him an unviable candidate for the presidency." 
COSTELLO: "And you're talking about Donald Trump here, right?" 
YANCEY: "Yes. Yes." 
COSTELLO: "Will you target some of his campaign events?" 
YANCEY: "The Black Lives Matter network is made up of 25 chapters. So the Bernie Sanders event, that was an action that was executed by the Seattle chapter. The action that we had yesterday was executed by the Boston and Worcester chapters. So I can guarantee there will be more call-outs across the country by folks in the network." 
COSTELLO: "So we'll see how strong Donald Trump really is in other words, right?"
YANCEY: "I guess so."

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