Tucker: Covid Restrictions Are Not for Everyone; Obama, Mayor Bowser, Martha’s Vineyard Are Exemptions

‘After the mask mandate went into effect on Saturday, Mayor Bowser was in a very pale neighborhood, not a diverse place’


CARLSON: "Here’s one thing you should know. These restrictions do not apply to everyone. Prominent Democrats have been exempted from them. Barack Obama, for example, just announced he is inviting 500 people to his 60th birthday party at his $12 million spread on Martha’s Vineyard, the house which, despite climate change, by the way, is right on the ocean. Pearl Jam will perform, Steven Spielberg has been invited, there will be 200 staff. Why 200? Because when you are as oppressed as Michelle Obama is, you really can't have too many servants. And she doesn't. 200 is not too many. So it turns out Martha’s Vineyard is exempt from the new Covid rules. Aspen will be too, for sure. Parts of Washington, D.C., have already been given a pass. We know that because Mayor Muriel Bowser delayed the implementation of her mask mandate long enough to celebrate her own birthday party. Dave Chappelle came, dozens of others did too. And then after the mask mandate went into effect on Saturday, Muriel Bowser, who is the mayor and can do whatever she wants, officiated a wedding at a high-priced hotel in a very pale neighborhood, not a diverse place. You'd think all of this, the lack of equity and diversity and the hypocrisy would bother CNN — they're on a lookout for those things — but they weren’t. Muriel Bowser is part of the ruling class and their job is to defend her no matter what she does, so they did."

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