Dr. Hotez: We Have to Get Past ‘Fake Narrative’ that Young People Don’t Need Covid Vaccines

‘26% of young adults who get Covid-19 have those symptoms for more than six months’

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HOTEZ: “The first point is to recognize that they’re victims of this mask disinformation campaign coming out of the political right and the nongovernmental groups at the center of hate, which is incredible we have to have an organization like that, and break it down for them. And remember that, yes, there are breakthrough cases, there are 35,000 breakthrough cases in the U.S., but that’s among 162 million vaccinated Americans. So the vaccines are highly protective and almost nobody is losing their life or going to the hospital who has been vaccinated. So 99% of those hospitalized that are losing their lives are unvaccinated. And also we have to get past the fake narrative that’s out there that vaccines are for older Americans. If you’re young and healthy and fit, you’re not going to lose your life. They cite these death numbers, but there’s still a lot of serious illness, hospitalizations among young people. 26% of young adults who get Covid-19 have the symptoms for more than six months.”

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