CNN’s Costello on Size of Bernie Sanders’ Crowds: ‘Are You Listening, Hillary Clinton?’

‘Are you listening, Hillary Clinton?’

COSTELLO: “On the Democratic side, thousands were feeling the burn in Los Angeles Monday night.”

[clip starts]

SANDERS: “We began this campaign about three and a half months ago. And the momentum as you can see tonight has been extraordinary. Tonight with the overflow crowd we have more than 27,000 people.”

[clip ends]

COSTELLO: “He’s not kidding. Bernie Sanders continuing to draw in massive crowds. This is at the Los Angeles memorial sports arena. Look at all these people. They come as Sanders scored the key endorsement, the nation's largest union of nurses, with 185,000 members endorsing him for president. We should note, the L.A. crowd is still smaller than the 28,000 who showed up for Sanders in Portland the night before, that was the largest political event of the 2016 campaign so far. Are you listening, Hillary Clinton?”

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