Watters: Wearing Masks Again Is Punishing You for Doing the Right Thing and Getting the Vaccine

‘Biden’s like the girl who keeps sending you mixed signals’


WATTERS: “Biden’s like the girl who keeps sending you mixed signals. One day she’s flirting next day she won’t give you the time of day. It’s like where do we instant. I just want to know where we stand. And the country does not know where Joe Biden stands on vaccines masks and delta. I was getting my hair cut the other Kay and when it was finished, the barber says you’re in the media you know things. I said you would be surprised. And I said what’s the question. He says what is the deal with delta and are they going to shut my barber shop down again here in New York. And people are scared Katie because they don’t know what’s coming because we’re just getting all these mixed signals. Right now there is no spike in cases. It is not a spike. We were at record low in cases and then there was a small rise in cases, and they’re calling it this huge spike. It’s not. Deaths are at an all-time low. Repeat. All-time low. And masks are not going to flatten the curve. They never did. It was the vaccines that did it. So you can’t ask vaccinated Americans to wear a mask, it destroys vaccine confidence, and it actually punishes you for getting the shot and doing the right thing and they already destroyed vaccine confidence when they screwed up the j&j stuff and that sent the vaccination rates way down.”

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