Sen. Barrasso Rips Biden’s ‘Eco-Terrorist’ Collaborator Nominee Tracey Stone-Manning: ‘She Lied to This Committee’

‘Tracy Stone-Manning collaborated with eco-terrorists’


BARRASSO: "Tracy Stone-Manning collaborated with eco-terrorists. She lied to this committee and she continues to harbor extreme views most Americans find reprehensible. She is thoroughly disqualified from holding the important position of Director of the Bureau of Land Management. In 1989, while a grad student in Montana, Tracy Stone-Manning collaborated with eco-terrorists who had hammered hundreds of metal spikes into trees in a national forest. This is the kind of spike that these eco-terrorists hammered into trees in our national forest in Idaho. Tree spiking involves hammering a metal rod such as this one into a tree trunk, either at its base where a logger or a firefighter might cut into it, or higher up where it might mangle a mills saw blade, shards of broken blades fly through the air, resulting in horrific injuries. Even 'The Washington Post' has labeled tree spiking as eco-terrorism.“

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