Dem Rep. Sherrill on 1/6 Commission: I Would Put Liz Cheney Against ‘Hack’ Jim Jordan Any Day of the Week

‘She acted and has been acting very courageously’


SHERRILL: “I think anyone who heard that we were going to set up a congressional committee and Kevin McCarthy was going to make picks would have predicted that one of those picks would have been a hack like Jim Jordan, somebody who was not serious, who was going to try to blow up the procedures, but this wasn’t the committee, of course, of choosing. We wanted an independent, bipartisan commission. But that said, once we decided to move down this path, you know, we should have been ready for this. And -- and I don’t think we should be afraid of this fight. I think that the American people should hear the truth. They deserve the truth. We need to have an investigation into this. And quite frankly, I would put Liz Cheney against Jim Jordan any day of the week.”

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