Meghan McCain Grills Sen. Schumer for Being ‘Too Silent’ on Anti-Semitism

‘With all due respect it wasn’t coming from Republicans’


MCCAIN: "Senator Schumer, you are well known for you support of your Jewish supporters and of Israel. You even tell you Jewish supporters that your last name Schumer comes from the Hebrew term 'shomer' or  guard, and that you'll be a guard for Israel."
MCCAIN: "Bur recently you were largely silent during the escalation with Hamas. And I actually interviewed Joseph Borgen who was the Jewish man who was beaten in Times Square in May for wearing a yarmulke. He said that he was disappointed that he did not hear from you directly after his attack as a hate crime. Do you understand critics that think you were too silent during the last attack?"
SCHUMER: "Yeah. That’s not really — that’s not true. Immediately after the attack I joined the bipartisan resolution by senators Murphy and Young. I supported it, or the statement, that said we need a cease-fire immediately. That was very strong and immediate, and bold. And I’ve talked repeatedly against anti-Semitism and have condemned all of these anti-Semitic attacks.” 

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