Schumer: Pelosi ‘Had No Choice’ But To Block Rep. Jordan and Banks from Serving on Jan. 6 Committee

‘This was one of the most serious, terrible things that’s happened in our Capitol in our whole history’


SCHUMER: “Well, you know, she had no choice. First, I commend to your listeners, the 'New York Times' did a video of the actual riot themselves. Itself. And it was devastating. I know, I was there. I was within 25 feet of these insurrectionists. Had one of them had a gun had two of them rushed to block off the door, Lord know what’s would have happened. So, this was one of the most serious, terrible things that’s happened in our Capitol in our whole history. There should have been a 9/11-type commission. After 9/11 Democrats and Republicans came together and appointed a panel of experts, non-partisan to look into it and they put out a good report. We followed a lot of their recommendations subsequently to that. But Leader McConnell blocked that here in the Senate, he would not let that come forward. So Speaker Pelosi had no choice but to move on her own, as she did, and she put together a commission. I couldn’t believe that Leader McCarthy put two people who said basically, who really didn’t believe, who sort of supported the big lie that did all of this, you know, that the election was stolen and Donald Trump should really be president, which has no factual basis. So she was right not to let them stay on the commission.”

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