Pelosi: Ridiculous to Put Jim Jordan and Jim Banks ‘on a Committee seeking the Truth’

‘We strive for bipartisanship’


PELOSI: "Yes. I did suggest to the leader that the three -- make sure you understand this, I hear the president saying, well they didn’t vote to accept — that had nothing to do with it. Right from the start, when the members acted in that way, and said they were not going to vote for the certification that Joe Biden was president, I said to the members, do not let that stand in the way of finding bipartisan agreement on legislation here. I’m not encouraging that at all. You find your common ground. We strive for bipartisanship. So how they voted on that bill is not relevant to how we are legislating. On the other hand, the two people that are excluded -- of the three that I pointed, one of them voted against the ratification and the other two voted for it. Having said that, though, the other two made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth.” 

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