CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen: ‘Vaccine Mandates Are Something that Will Have to Come’

‘You can’t expect the teacher in every school to be asking, well, you’re not wearing a mask, so are you vaccinated or not?’

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WEN: “I definitely think that the Biden administration should be thinking about these things. This is the reason why it should not just be a decision of the CDC. Part of the problem, I think, is that the Biden administration has been equating following the science with listening to one scientific institution when actually the implication is not just about the actual data and the physical science. It’s also about social science, and people’s behaviors, that what’s likely to come as a result of them. The CDC in the first place made the right decision when it comes to the science, but they didn’t take into account human behavior. And I think there is something — there is one thing the Biden administration could be doing right now that would change the equation when it comes to incentives, and that’s to use proof of vaccination. If they could say, get the vaccine, you have a proof of vaccination, you can take off your mask. That would be really key. And I also think vaccine mandates are something that will have to come.”

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