CNN’s Dr. Wen: ‘I Am Really Relieved’ that the W.H. Is Considering to Revise Their Guidance on Masks

‘The science has changed’


WEN: “Well, I am really relieved that the White House is considering to revise their guidance because the circumstances on the ground have changed. The realities have changed. The science has changed. And you would expect that the policy changes accordingly. Initially in May when the CDC came out with their guidance saying if you’re vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask, first of all, they didn’t take into account the honor system was not going to work and that unvaccinated people were taking off their mask as well. But also we are now seeing that we have 40,000 new daily infections per day compared to 11,000 a month ago. We have the Delta variant that’s surging and actually we don’t know at this point whether if you are fully vaccinated, whether you’re able to transmit the virus to others if you’re carrying the Delta variant, which is the dominant variant here.”

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