Rep. Dan Kildee: Thank God Trump’s No Longer President

‘He’s gone nuts, and he was the president of the United States’


KILDEE: "I mean, we are being retraumatized every time one of these people whether Trump or Jim Jordan or Jim Banks, any of these folks try to paper over an attack where we felt our lives were at risk. Where 140 officers of the law were injured by this mob with the intent to kill. And the idea that it was a loving picnic that President Trump describes is — it’s an offense to those of us who experienced this, and especially the staff and the officers who went through this, who continue to struggle. It’s an offense against them. But it also just says how far we’ve gone. The fact that we’re having this conversation about a president of the United States of America who plainly denies facts in front of his very face is a pretty frightening moment for us. I don’t know how to be more hyperbolic about it. He’s gone nuts. He’s gone nuts. And he was the president of the United States. Thank God he’s no longer president."

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