CNN Reporter: My Uncle Died in Kenya as U.S. Stockpiles Vaccines

‘Wealthy nations like the US have more vaccines than they need ... and African countries are scrambling’


KEILAR: "Larry Madowo’s family in Kenya is one of many who've had to bury loved ones because of Covid. Just 1.1 percent of Kenyans are vaccinated and as a continent, Africa has received the fewest vaccines in the world so far, while millions of Americans resist readily available inoculation. In a new piece on CNN, Larry writes this, he says some Americans are even getting bribed with beer, donuts or cash to get Covid-19 shots when many Africans would happily take them for free if they were available. While the world’s wealthiest appear to be entering a post-pandemic life, the rest of us in the global south are still in the throes of a devastating crisis with no way out for the foreseeable future. And Larry is with us now. Larry, thank you so much for sharing your personal story and really putting a face, the face of your family on this disparity in vaccines. It is, you know — it’s unacceptable quite frankly."
MADOWO: "It is because I’ve kind of had this roller coaster of emotions, Brianna, between obviously heart break for losing family members but also not just anger, outrage because it was preventable. My uncle got Covid just last month and died within a few days. He didn’t get vaccinated. So, we can’t help wondering if he did get a vaccine, maybe he would still be here. He was only in his 60s. He still had a whole life ahead of him. And the most heart breaking part for me is my grandmother who is 96 and also did not get a vaccine on time and has now been on a ventilator for five weeks struggling to breathe, battling for her life and she’s a brave, brilliant woman who outlived her husband by 25 years. She has great sense of humor. And she’s in this position where I’m constantly — I’m just dreading whenever I see a call from home, Brianna because it might be somebody calling to say she’s gone and maybe again she should not be in this position to start with, if we had more vaccines available here."

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