Mara Gay: We Have To Get Proper Health Message on Facebook

‘I fear that for many Americans it may be too late, but we should just keep trying’


GAY: “This is another really critical moment to call Facebook, and companies like it, what -- what it is, which is a content producer and a publisher of information, whether accurate or not. And so, I believe that they should be held to the same standard that we are held to, because this is extremely dangerous. And, you know, the companies are getting a little better about doing what they say they can, but it’s not enough. It’s not acceptable. And I really think it’s -- it's time for congressional action on that and for pressure from all areas to get them to crack down and remove disinformation when they see it from their platforms. So that’s incredibly important. I think, the other thing that is just happening here is, people are -- are looking at social media platforms, they’re sharing it among their own, many times their other communities. And I think that just reinforces the message from doctors and public health officials which is, we really need trusted members of the community in the United States to talk about the safety and efficacy and importance of vaccination. And I think it really is a case where if you know somebody who has gotten very sick or has died from Covid, you may be more likely to, if not get a vaccine, at least listen to the argument for the vaccine. We have to get public health messages that are, you know, vital in the room and in people’s minds. Even if they choose not to get a vaccine, we need to make sure we can get before them and get them to a place where they’re at least open to hearing the argument for it. And I -- I fear -- I fear that for many Americans it may be too late, but we should just keep trying. I mean, it is heartbreaking to me that this is where we are still.”

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