Dr. Bhadelia: Things Will Get Worse in Low Vaccinated States

‘If you see vaccinations go up and cases go up, it might be time to add an extra layer of mitigation until those come down’


BHADELIA: "Well, again, the tough part here is that the Delta variant is a much different beast. I think you’re finding that it’s a lot more transmissible. But the things that are working in our favor is that we do have a percentage of all our populations in every state vaccinated, even though in some it's very low. In those states I think things will start to get worse than they are right now. You know, one hopes that with the number of people that have been vaccinated, potentially it won't be as bad, but you can’t predict that because — you know, there’s a recent study that talked about the Delta variant causing thousand times higher amounts of virus than first diagnosed in people who are infected. So that higher transmissibility could take away the advantage of a small number of people who are vaccinated in that state. One hopes that in the states that are highly vaccinated, that you could see some increases, but we are in a better spot than we were before. But it really — it’s hard to sort of see what’s happening in — you know, when you’re looking at Israel, U.K., even there, though, you can see the cases have gone up, but proportionately, hospitalizations and deaths have not gone up as much as they were before."

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