DeSantis: We Could Be Beaming Internet to Cuba So They Can Tell the World What’s Happening

‘Everyone in this community has been affected in one way or another by the communist dictatorship’


DeSANTIS: " They want a new government. They want a free Cuba. And I think it’s incumbent upon us in the United States to be supportive of those efforts. I’ve called on Joe Biden, the communist regime has shut down Internet, let’s work to bring Internet onto the island of Cuba so these folks have a fighting chance to converse with one another, to send what’s going on to the outside world. Let’s build an international coalition so that the regime knows that the free world stands with the people of Cuba. And you know, Sean, I think it's great that you're here in Florida. We take pride in being the free state of Florida. This is the beating heart of freedom in Florida, in little Havana, because everybody in this community has been affected in one way or another by the communist dictatorship. Maybe they’ve had loved ones that have been killed by the regime, imprisoned by the regime, and obviously all of their relatives at one point fled a very evil regime. And so, I think you are seeing people take to the streets here because we understand, after 62 years, something is different on that island right now. We have an opportunity to really take a new chapter in history. And I think you pointed out in your monologue, Cuba would be a phenomenal ally of our country if it was free. They would boom like probably few countries in the Caribbean. It would be a boon for the people of Cuba and it would also be great for relations with the United States."

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