Dr. Wen: Biden Led People Astray with Vaccine Comments Tonight

‘We actually don’t know the answers to a lot of questions’


WEN: "Here’s what we do know. We know that the vaccine reduces your likelihood of carrying the virus and the amount of virus that you would carry. But with the Delta variant, a person infected with the Delta variant carries 1,000 times the amount of virus compared to previous variants. And so, that’s the problem. We don’t actually know about this transmission question. And I think that President Biden actually led people astray when he said if you’re vaccinated you can take off your mask. We don’t know that. I think he let go of a really important opportunity tonight. I think he could have said to the audience, 'You all are protected because everybody here is vaccinated. You’re safe if you’re vaccinated and everybody around you is vaccinated. But if you are vaccinated and are around people who are unvaccinated, you should be keeping a mask on.' Getting the vaccine can save your life, but I actually think that President Biden’s message could have led people astray."

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