Biden: We’ve Significantly Increased Officers to Qualify Asylum Applicants from Northern Triangle Countries

‘That’s what we’ve done’


BIDEN: "Yes, they should not come. What we're trying to set up is in the countries like in — in particular the Northern Triangle, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, et cetera — we are setting up in those countries, if you seek asylum in the United States, you can seek it from the country, from — you're in place. You can seek it from an American embassy. You can go in and seek and see whether or not you qualify. We've significantly increased the number of officers who can hear cases as to whether or not you qualify under the law for being here as a refugee. That is — that's what we've done. Thirdly, we have been able to move significantly to change the number — there were thousands of people in — in custody with the Border Patrol. It's now cut by 90 percent. It's considerably down.”

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