Leader McCarthy Rips Pelosi: House Democrats Are ‘Allowing a Lame Duck Speaker to Destroy This Institution’

‘This is the people’s House, not Pelosi’s house’


McCARTHY: "We have military, we have doctors, we have people from all walks of life. They want to know the answer. The American people deserve that. They don’t deserve politics, they don’t deserve destroying the institution. No committee in Congress will work if one person is picking all who can serve. This has not happened before. House Democrats must answer this question: Why are you allowing a lame duck Speaker to destroy this institution? This is the people’s house, not Pelosi’s house. We will do our job, though. We asked to do our job. We want to do our job. I may object to the people that she put on the committee, but I respect her right to do it, just as every leader has done before. To destroy an institution for your own political gain... America expects more and deserves more."

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