Joy Ann Reid: Fox Personalities Changing Tune on Covid Have ‘Reached Tipping Point of Lying About Too Many Things’

‘Because you can’t keep lying about everything’


REID: "I mean, Charlie, even Fox News is going to have to play some of this. This is new video that has come out from the FBI at the request of NBC and other news organizations. This is going to be playing, you know, day and night during these hearings. And I think about the optics of Jim Jordan yelling and screaming at Capitol Police officers, like Officer Fanone, and interrogating them. I don’t see how that’s helpful to them. But do you think that — well, let me ask you about this switch a little bit at Fox News where you have Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy kind of changing their tune. Do you detect just a slight — that they might be back on their heels a little bit? Because you can’t keep lying about everything. You might be able to get away with just lying about the insurrection, but also lying about something that’s killing your own viewers, and they know their viewers are dying — I mean, there’s elderly, basically, viewers are passing away. Have they reached maybe a tipping point where they have lied about maybe one too many things?"

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