MTG: It’s ‘Communism’ When Cities Cancel My Rallies with Matt Gaetz

‘There were no violence at Trump rallies’


TAYLOR GREENE: “So, imagine this. Matt Gaetz and I have had three America First rallies and we have seen President Trump have hundreds of a beautiful rallies all over the country, for five years he had these rallies. There were no violence at Trump rallies. There have been no violence at our America First rallies. As a matter of fact, they've been nothing but a celebration of our freedoms and America First policies that serve of all Americans. But yet these two cities, and even in Ohio, because of Antifa and BLM radical domestic terrorists who are the ones that truly cause violence all over the country, because of those people we are being cancelled and our speech is being cancelled and where we’re being blamed for it. So you can — you can see what’s going on, this is communism. This is communism, when you have American cities cancelling two members of Congress' events at private venues. They're also cancelling these businesses’ ability to be able to serve a customer and make money. It’s absolutely unbelievable, and everyone should be outraged."

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