Facebook’s Oversight Board Member: ‘Free Speech Is Not an Absolute Human Right’

‘It has to be balanced with other human rights’


THORNING-SCHMIDT: "And what we're trying to find, of course, I think many of us, when engaging in this conversation, is that middle road. How do you moderate content and how do you find that balance between, human rights — free speech versus human rights, but also other human rights, because obviously free speech is not an absolute human right, it has to be balanced with all the human rights. And that is what the Oversight is there to do. Until now we have seen content moderation, as I've said, from a select few in in Silicon Valley and ultimately Mark Zuckerberg, who's been moderating content. Now we have the Oversight Board, which is a completely new invention, to do this work. And of course, I want to say this is a very, very positive new way of doing it."

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