Trump: ‘On Social Media, I Am the One That’s Beloved,’ Not Megyn Kelly

‘On social media, I’m the one that’s bellowed’

TAPPER: “I know - I'm sure there were people that were upset about it. You have a lot of fans. This is what's interesting about your campaign. Every time you make these comments or you make comments that a lot of pundits or Republican candidates say are going to end your campaign, whether it's comments about Mexico sending in illegal immigrants, or your comments about John McCain's war record, every time you do that, pundits say, "Oh, he's gone," and then you go up in the polls. I'm wondering if you think, though, that going after Megyn Kelly, who is beloved by conservatives, beloved by Republican voters, I wonder if that's the wrong target, that this might actually hurt you. What do you think?”

TRUMP: “Well, look, I have nothing against Megyn Kelly. I think her question was extremely unfair to me. Her whole questioning was unfair to me. And when you say beloved, I will say this. On social media, I'm the one that's beloved, OK, because if you look at social media and what's happening, they are really coming out strongly in favor of Donald Trump. They agree. And this whole thing with this political correctness in this country is out of control. We have a country where you - you take a look at what's happening all over the world. They're chopping off people's heads if you happen to be a Christian all over the Middle East, or -- and they are for plenty of other reasons, too. The border, I turned out to be so right on the border. It's so dangerous and so bad. And then you see what happens to Kate in San Francisco, where people are crossing the border like it's water. And it's - you know, it's terrible what's going on. And all we worry about is political correctness. Jeb Bush, who came out so, I mean, horribly with the women's issue the other day, with the women's health issue, Jeb Bush comes up and he says, I don't like Donald Trump's tone. Well, we need a tougher tone in this country, and we need a lot more enthusiasm, because these people don't have any energy. There's no energy. We need to bring our country back, make our country great again. Our country is going down into the ground. We're really getting decimated on trade deals, everything we do. The Iran deal is so bad. We have people that are incompetent running our country, and we have to bring it back. And you can't do that by nice low-key tone, like Jeb Bush. He's got no energy. I mean, the man has no energy. And then he gets up and criticizes me over the weekend about something that I didn't even say.”

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