Caitlyn Jenner: Gavin Newsom Has Been the Worst Governor This State Has Ever Had

‘Gavin Newsom keeps changing the rules, he’s like a dictator out here’


JENNER: “But I entered this lawsuit because in 2019, he put in a new law sawing that you could put your party affiliation in on your recall ballot, so when his lawyers put his application in, they forgot to put down his party affiliation, so it wasn’t realized for months and all of a sudden he realized, 'Wait a second, I didn’t put down my party affiliation, I want to change it.' So he went to the secretary of state, Shirley Weber, and said, 'I want to change it,' and she said no. So he personally sued her, and I’m entering into that lawsuit. Why? Because I want transparency,. I don’t want Shirley Weber, our secretary of state, to cave to the pressure of Gavin Newsom to keep — you know, he didn’t fill out his application right. The fight for California starts now, if we got to do it in the courts, wherever we have. Gavin Newsom has been the worst governor this state has ever had."

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