Jesse Watters Gushes Over ‘Avenger’ Trump’s Presser: ‘I Forgot Who Was President All of a Sudden’

‘The only thing missing was the presidential seal on the podium’


WATTERS: "I was struck by the very presidential presentation at Bedminster. He had the throng of reporters, he had the entourage in the background. The only thing that was missing was the presidential seal on the podium."

TURNER: "And it looked like the White House, that backdrop."

WATTERS: "I forgot who was president all of a sudden, it was good to see him back in action. But listen, the President is an avenger and he’s doing this not only for himself, he's doing it on behalf of the American people. That’s why it’s a class action lawsuit. Him and the American people have been treated very unfairly by these Big Tech giants, and it’s not just the shadow banning and the censorship.”

(Via Mediaite)

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