Jesse Watters: Biden Took the ‘Kamala Harris Route’ by Going to Crystal Lake Instead of Chicago

‘That’s the Kamala Harris route — don’t actually go to the border, go to the El Paso airport’


WATTERS: "Well, Constitution says you can own one, so I guess there is no limit to gun ownership in this country. You could stop producing guns tomorrow, Geraldo, for the next ten years it's still going to not stop the crime wave in Chicago. So Biden’s handlers sent him to Chicago to talk to Lori Lightfoot about the crime surge there. He didn’t go to Chicago, he went to Crystal City, which is 50 miles outside of Chicago. That's the Kamala Harris route, don’t actually go to the border, go to the El Paso airport. He pulled the same move and it’s a joke. Katie mentioned it, it’s a gang problem, they have 100,000 gang members in that city. They got the Latin Kings, the Gangster Disciples, everyone you can think of. So all the narcotics, the fentanyl, and the meth, and the heroin just flow right into Chicago, because that's a hub.” 

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