Fox Business Host Calls Job Report a ‘Gut Punch’ to Small Businesses Who Can’t Afford to Raise Wages

‘This screws over small businesses, the very businesses the very entrepreneurs who have had hardest time last year and a half’


McDOWELL: "This screws over small businesses, the very businesses, the very entrepreneurs who have had the hardest time in the last year and a half, because they don’t have the heft and the reach and the price controls to manage their business the way that Amazon or any of the big box retailers did that have easy shipping, if you will. So this is — this is an — another gut punch to these businesses, because they are —I see individuals all the time, people who own small businesses like food trucks here in New York, there are people who get up when I do, at 2:30 in the morning, and I see them coming home 10:00 at night. They work seven days a week because they can’t afford to hire people, so — and it is a tacit way for the government to implement a $15 minimum wage just by — you know, through — via policy, other than actually raise the minimum wage."

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