Officer Fanone on Jan. 6: ‘I Grapple with PTSD as a Result of that Day’

‘The injuries I sustained were a traumatic brain injury as well as suffering a heart attack’


FANONE: "I responded to the Capitol. Again, I’m a D.C. Police officer, not typically assigned to a uniformed capacity. I worked in a narcotics unit. I ended up going there with my partner. I responded to the Lower West Terrace tunnel which, I think, was what we’ve determined was where the apex of most of the violence was that day, and I was pulled away from other officers out into the crowd where I was severely beaten and also electrocuted numerous times with a taser at the base of my skull. The injuries I sustained were a traumatic brain injury, as well as suffering a heart attack, and I also — I do grapple with PTSD as a result of that day."

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