CBS 8: U.S. Border Patrol Chief, San Diego Sector Ousted by Biden Administration

‘He was appointed by Trump to lead the border patrol’


SCOTT: "So there was effectively no border in San Diego. It was a chaotic situation..."
ALLEN (voice-over): "This is Rodney Scott in 2018 appearing at the border with President Donald Trump. Scott has been an ardent supporter of Trump’s border policies, especially his plans for constructing a wall."
SCOTT: "The job of the United States Border Patrol is to make sure that nobody comes into our home, into this nation without coming through the front door."
ALLEN (voice-over): "Scott is now being forced out of his role as Border Patrol Chief after repeated clashes with the Biden administration, including Scott's refusal to follow a directive to stop referring to undocumented immigrants as illegal aliens."

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