The Chris Salcedo Show Preamble: The China Threat and American Traitors

‘When caught today’s China enablers will have had much more blood on their hands’


SALCEDO: “All those who are not recent graduates of left wing, dominated and ineffective government education should know the terms red scare and the resulting mccarthyism. The red scare was the legitimate concern from free western powers over the spread of inhuman soviet communism during it’s hellish reign on earth. The soviet Russia inflicted here human suffering and a massive death toll using stalinists and marxist theory as they’re guiding light and nineteen. Ninety three Zbigniew Brzezinski, the father of morning brzezinski on amazon, vs and the former national security adviser to Jimmy Carter, wrote that the failed effort to build communism of the twentieth century consumed the lives of almost sixty million people. Ironically, that was a conservative estimate. Coming from one of the most liberals, liberal guys, who failed to soviet expansion took Ronald Reagan and his clear thinking in regard to what totalitarian regimes represent and the threat they posed to implement a strategy to usher in the fall of the soviet union. As for mccarthyism, it became a defense for the American left to either actively or passively support of the soviets goal of toppling the United States. It became synonymous with those who saw a communist around every corner. It’s like left wingers, see a racist around every corner, today, the most high profile profile, active member of the us government accused of spying for the ussr, was alger hiss in the conclusion to one of the most spectacular trials. And u s history, the former state department official was convicted of having perjured himself regarding testimony about his involvement in a soviet spy ring before and during world war. Two, as it was in the past, look for traitorous left wingers to try in brand patriots efforts to ferret them out as an example of modern day mccarthyism, but when caught today’s China enablers will have had much more blood on their hands. Breaking news.”

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