Attorney of Accused Capitol Rioter Calls Trump Son of a Bi*ch, Compares Him To Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and Putin

‘That answers all questions’


HURLEY: “There are four people now on the history of the 20th century that all belong in the same group, and history will look at them all. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Putin and Trump. And that answers all questions. And that’s where he would go if he can. And that’s where he will go because I saw a frightening look into the future by reading, as part of my research, by reading about the past. And it’s the same pattern over and over: Destroy the free media, destroy the institutions, they look to El Capo, El Leado, whatever it is, El Trumpo, he is the man and he does everything and says everything. That’s all that son of a — lives for."

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