Accused Capitol Rioter: No, I Wasn’t on Tour

‘At moments I was trying to actually get people to stop going forward’


ANTONIO: "I have — so, I never took — tooken a tour of the Capitol before. I’ve never tooken a tour of a national building like that before. Where I was standing, no, I wasn’t on tour. Where I was standing and what I was doing, I can’t speak for accounts of other people and where they were at and all that kind of stuff, but from where I was, no, it was not a tour. At moments I was trying to actually get people to stop going forward. I was speaking and saying, 'Hey, stop moving forward. Stop pushing forward. Stay where you are. Even sit down so we could stop what was going on.' And so, no, I — where I was at, and me, myself, I did not feel like I was on a tour."

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