Katty Kay: A Degree to Which America Is Incapable of Meeting Long-Term Challenges Is Really Noticeable

‘It’s got significantly worse in the last decade’


KAY: “I mean, you talk about, it's interesting, you raised the Cold War, because in a sense, the Cold War kept Americans together and it kept American working for a common purpose. And then the Cold War ended and we had that period of honeymoon with Bill Clinton, peace and prosperity. But it’s really noticeable, a degree to which America is unable, incapable of meeting long-term challenges because its legislators cannot agree. I mean, it’s got significantly worse in the last decade. Mitch McConnell is not helping. He’s acting like a parliamentary system where the job of the opposition is just to say no, no, no, and to stop things getting done. America was built on and for cooperation. And that’s not happening. And I think the question for this country now is when that doesn’t happen, how do you get things done? Because at the moment, you are not meeting the big challenges and that makes the country weaker.”

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