Defense Sec. At Pentagon’s Pride Month Celebration: ‘We Reaffirm that Transgender Rights Are Human Rights’

‘Nobody should have to hide who they love to serve the country that they love’

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AUSTIN: "Throughout American history, LGBTQ+ citizens have fought to defend our rights and freedoms, from the founding of our nation to the Civil War, from the trenches of the two world wars to Korea and Vietnam, and from Afghanistan to Iraq. They fought for our country even when our country wouldn't fight for them. And even as some were forced to hide who they were or to hang up their uniforms. And today we reaffirm that transgender rights are human rights, and that America is safer and better when every qualified citizen can serve with pride and dignity. Now that's real progress. And our work isn't done until we create a safe and supportive workplace for everyone, free of discrimination, harassment and fear. Because nobody should have to hide who they love to serve the country that they love." 

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