Watters: Climate Change Has Killed Zero People

‘The China virus killed 600,000 in this country alone’


WATTERS: "Usually, I think of threats, I think of death and money. So, climate change has killed how many people? Zero. The China virus killed 600,000 in this country alone. If you add the fentanyl that they bring over to Mexico, the cartels push that up here, hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths here. What, Islamic terror? You count the overseas wars, you’re talking tens of thousands of American lives lost. Russian hacking, tens of millions of dollars, may be over 100 millions of dollars, so, yeah, it’s not a joke. I mean, no one is laughing except we are, at Joe Biden. Maybe they did tell him that. And they did tell him that, they should be fired. But I don’t think they even said that. I just think Joe doesn’t even remember. A Defense Department official has never said, ever, and I looked — I had Johnny look — that climate change is the number one threat. Actually, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley just had to come out and clarify that China and Russia are the top threats. But maybe during the Obama Administration they thought that climate change was the top threat. That would explain how they missed ISIS and how the Russians and the Chinese hacked us to death. But I think Joe tries to elevate the threat of climate change to distract from the real problems that he’s bungling, like the cartels, like the cyber terrorists and like China and Russia. So it’s just kind of a deflection and it’s weird, it’s weird because he can’t keep track of all the threats that he’s listed. Last time it was white supremacy."

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