Berenson: The ‘Voices in the Wilderness’ Were Warning About Dangers of Vaccinating Kids, Now the Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

‘I don’t understand what the public health authorities are thinking’


BERENSON: “It was a month ago that the CDC said kids 12 to 15 could get this vaccine. We don’t have much data on that population yet. There have already been 2 cases of myocarditis after its second dose. What is clear from the data this is age stratified. Older people don’t have an excess risk for after the vaccine. Younger people do. The risk appears to get worse the younger kids are. Why you would push 12 to 15 years old to be vaccinated when we know worldwide the risk of death of Covid-19 from people under 18 is so low you almost can’t measure it. It’s like 1 per million. I don’t understand what the public health authorities are thinking. It seems good to me that the CDC is concerned about this. They called for an emergency meeting next week. You and I and other voices in the wilderness warned about this and we talked about the lab leak last year and nobody wanted to listen. Now the chickens are coming home.”

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