Four California Police Officers Beating Teen Suspected of Shoplifting

‘This video has sparked a lot of outrage’


CRONE (voice-over): "A witness recorded this video, which appears to show four Glendale police officers, three in plain clothes, repeatedly punching a 17-year-old suspected shoplifter in the face. One officer kicks the teen and the head as he lies on the floor of a store inside the Glendale Galleria."
NAVARETTE: "It was really hard to watch. We got traumatized. We still have all of video, like, stuck in our head."
CRONE (voice-over): "The teen's sister didn’t want her face shown in the Zoom interview, but said they are sickened by the video that’s now gone viral. A man who was shopping inside the Dick’s Sporting Goods, where this all unfolded by Saturday evening, grabbed his cell phone and recorded the incident."
MAN: "The officer that wasn’t even there to begin with, that ran up on the situation, as soon as he arrived, he just decided, 'I’m going to kick this kid in the face."
CRONE (voice-over): "A police spokesman said officers received a call about petty theft in another part of the Galleria minutes before the confrontation."
HAUPTMANN: "Officers responded and located a suspect matching the description, eventually contacted that suspect inside of the Dick's Sporting Goods."
RICE: "This is worse than a rough arrest. I've seen better tactics and discipline in a bar room brawl."

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