O’Reilly: ‘Liberals Will Not Admit Their Philosophy Has Gone off Track’

‘Why are liberal politicians against a law that would protect Americans? It makes no sense at all’

O'REILLY: "On the protection front, even a simple thing like Kate’s Law which would mandate incarceration for illegal aliens who commit aggravated felonies in America and then defy deportation is rejected by many liberals. Later in the broadcast Jesse Watters will confront Illinois Senator Dick Durbin on that issue. So why are liberal politicians against a law that would protect Americans? It makes no sense at all and would not impede the quest for so called comprehensive immigration reform. Finally let’s take a look at three cities run by uber-liberal mayors. Over the weekend here in New York City 25 people were shot. Three of them died. The victims and perps were mostly black. In Chicago, 40 people were shot three of them died. In Baltimore, 15 people shot and five of them died. Again, African-Americans made up most of the victims and perps. So, where is the group Black Lives Matter on that? I guess Black lives matter not so much in cities run by liberal politicians who can’t control the streets. No matter how many facts Talking Points presents on the economy, on crime, on foreign policy, on individual behavior - liberals will not admit their philosophy has gone off track. Thus we have a presidential election in 2016 that will once again pit the liberal philosophy against a traditional one. If facts matter the election should not even be close. If facts matter.And that’s the memo."

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