Kudlow: Vaccines Worked, Right Now There Is an Economic Boom and People Should Be Optimistic

‘People should be happy’


KUDLOW: "With all these gloomy headlines, with all these gloomy headlines you almost would forget that we’re in a huge pandemic — post pandemic boom. We’re in a boom. OK. The vaccines worked. The vaccines work, businesses are opening everywhere, and people are going back to work. Now, I agree there are some shortages. I think the $300 plus-up was probably too generous, the federal unemployment benefit. But here is an important point. I think 24, 25 states now have stopped the federal benefit. So that’s going to bring things into a much better equilibrium. That will encourage workers to go back to work. And you may see more states doing the same thing. So that’s good. Look, you’ve got 8.2 million job openings, unfilled job openings, and you’ve also got about 10 million people unemployed. So we’ve got plenty of resources here to get folks back to work. Let’s let the boom play itself out before we get all kinds of taxes and Green New Deal and all that sort of thing that would be negative. Right now there is a boom, Bill, a boom. People should be happy. They should be optimistic."

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