Mark Levin: Dems Are Trying To Destroy Trump with Grand Jury, Stalin Would Be Proud of Dems in New York

‘I want the American people to understand they are trying to drag President Trump in front of this grand jury’

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LEVIN: “Now the politicians, the Democrat Party in New York and the state, you have an Attorney General who's a complete hack, Letitia James, she came into office saying she was going to go after Trump. You have this Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance who is a real punk, a political hack, who's done a lot of things that are highly questionable. And I want the American people to understand, they are trying to drag this president, our President Trump in front of this grand jury, a Democrat Party, Democrat city, Democrat state to find something, anything that they could use against him because they don’t want him to run for office again and they are trying to destroy him. Joseph Stalin would be very proud of you Democrats in New York. I must say, I'm disgusted with the Democrat Party and I'm disgusted with these hacks in New York. And that is it!"

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