W.H.: ‘Of Course’ the NY Times ‘Is Impartial’ on the Issue of Planned Parenthood

Reporter: Seriously, you can’t say “The Times” is impartial vis-a-vis all things about Planned Parenthood’


EARNEST: “Kevin?”

REPORTER: “Josh thanks. I want to follow up on the question about the Planned Parenthood video. You mentioned grossly misleading, partisan, when you talked about the writer, you called it ideological, even saying that have been impartial observers who have raise questions. Who are these "Impartial observers" to whom you refer. Can you understand why there are so many Americans who feel like their voices should also be heard here at the White House? Impartially speaking, there are people, whether they be Democrat, or Republicans who believe that what is revealed in the video is grotesque at a minimum, if not criminal at worse.”

EARNEST: "The New York Times" has referred to this as a campaign of deception.”

REPORTER: “Seriously, you can't say The Times is impartial vis-a-vis all things Planned Parenthood. I've never seen them criticize Planned Parenthood, and you are saying they are impartial.”

EARNEST: “I am gonna resist the urge to the questions about any news agency in this room. Particularly about this question.”

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