Jake Tapper: Will Kevin McCarthy Try To Derail 1/6 Commission By Appointing Marjorie Taylor Greene ... From ‘Fringe Nitwit Caucus’?

‘This commission will likely subpoena McCarthy if he refuses to testify over the conversations that he had with the president that day’


BORGER: "To which McCarthy responded, 'Who the F do you think I am?' et cetera, et cetera. So, they went back and forth a little bit on this. And if he is testifying under oath, he has to tell the truth about the president."

TAPPER: "But what are the odds that McCarthy, if he — this is going to happen, right? Democrats have that majority."

BORGER: "Yeah. Yeah."


TAPPER: "What are the odds that McCarthy puts a number of members from his fringe nitwit caucus on this commission?"

HENDERSON: "That's the thing."


TAPPER: "Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan."

(Via Mediaite)

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