N.O.W. Pres.: Hillary’s Wrong, ‘Planned Parenthood Has Nothing To Apologize For’

‘So to the degree that Hillary Clinton says somehow Planned Parenthood has done anything wrong I would disagree strongly with her’


WAGNER: "Joining us now is the president of the national organization for women, Terry O'Neal. It has been a big week. Abortion is at the center of a heated debate in the Senate where three Republican women appear to be leading the charge on this. Yesterday senator Mitch McConnell framed it as protecting women's health and a group mired in scandal. This is a different strategy on the part of Republicans. 
O'NEILL: "Those women will not hold their seats much longer. I don't think it is effective and here is why. The Republican leadership has an unfortunate history of chewing up women and spitting them out. They might use it as cover for their anti-woman agenda. I say that with sorrow, right. Because it is not good for women's rights advocates if only one party is seen as being for women and the other party is seen as being opposed to women. But the Republican party once more is going down the road of losing the women's vote and now they will be losing the millennial vote. It is a real problem." 
WAGNER: "Terry, Hillary Clinton called the videos disturbing. We know she has a longed history with Planned Parenthood. I wonder if it feels like she is vulnerable on this issue." 
O'NEILL: "You know, I don't think any politician is that supports Planned Parenthood. It is loved and trusted. 2.7 million women and young men get their medical services from Planned Parenthood every year and one in five women utilized the services at some point. Moms loved Planned Parenthood because high schoolers and college students, their daughters get excellent service, honest services and get services they can trust. So to the degree that Hillary Clinton says somehow Planned Parenthood has done anything wrong I would disagree strongly with her. Planned parenthood has nothing to apologize for, nothing." 
WAGNER: "Were you dismayed that she said she was disturbed by the videos and did not speak specifically to the group behind them?" 
O'NEILL: "You know, I happen to walk out of the south metro station in downtown Washington Tuesday morning. What it was that I saw when I came up the escalators? A huge poster of bloody fetuses. That is disgusting and disturbing and not produced by Planned Parenthood. It is by this shadowy group, whoever they are, and turn out to be deeply connected to operation rescue, which is well known as being on the violent fringe of anti-abortion activism. No. Planned Parenthood has nothing to be ashamed of. I think they have something to fear with investigations as it goes forward."

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