Joy Ann Reid: ‘Puppet Kevin’ McCarthy Hung up on Officer Fanone When He Requested for a Meeting

‘Puppet Kevin doesn’t want to talk about that’


REID: “And according to CNN, Puppet Kevin reportedly doesn’t want to testify either, under oath, about his conversation with the former guy concerning the Capitol insurrection. McCarthy apparently also didn't want to talk to Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone since, as Congressman Eric Swalwell told us on this program last night, Kevin's staff hung up on Officer Fanone when he called to try to arrange a meeting about what he witnessed, what he went through, to get Puppet Kevin to take him seriously. But if Kevin Puppet has any ambiguity about the horrors Officer Fanone faced that day and why he, like Liz Cheney, refuses to be silent, new video has emerged showing exactly what Officer Fanone experienced. And we should warn you, it’s disturbing."

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