Rubio: We Need To Defeat the Iran Deal in Congress

‘There is only one way forward, we need to defeat the Iran deal in Congress and there’s no truth that the sanctions will fall apart’

VAN SUSTEREN: “You mention Iran. Is there any part of the Iran deal that you find good about? I know that you're going to vote -- I suspect you're going to vote against it. But anything promising -- any wild chance it will go back to the drawing board.”

RUBIO: “No, there isn't anything promising in the deal. Because immediately thrown out by the fact that Iran is going to get $100 billion or more of cash, the lifting of all international sanctions, including the sanctions from the United Nations Security Council. They don't have to stop producing long range rockets. They get to swap out their outdated centrifuges for updated ones, and in ten years, they're going to be able to do whatever they want and basically walk into the nuclear club without the world being able to do anything about it. There's only one way forward. We need to defeat the Iran deal in Congress and then this argument that the administration has that the sanctions are going to fall apart, it is just not true. The most important sanctions in the world on Iran is the United States sanctions, and trust me, no German bank, for example, or French company is going to choose to do business in Iran over doing business in America. If given a choice, they're going to pick America every time.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “I think everyone agrees on both sides of the aisle, or any thoughtful person agrees that Iran can't get a nuclear weapon. How certain are you that this is a bad deal, 100 percent certain? Why do you think that Secretary of Kerry and President Obama think it is a good deal?”

RUBIO: “Well, I think they think it is a good deal because in their mind, they want an achievement. I guess Barack Obama wants to earn his Nobel Peace Prize, John Kerry wants to win one. And so for them, this is about achieving something. But the truth of the matter is, the only thing it will achieve is nuclear Iran in about ten years or less, and an arms race in the Middle East. The Saudis, the Egyptians, the Turks, even the Jordanians have already said, whatever Iran has we're going to have. And so if you look at it, if you project this out over the next number of years as the sanctions come off, and Iran gains more access to capital and cash, they're going to use it to build their conventional military forces, to sponsor terrorism, to develop long range rockets that can reach the United States. And then in ten years there will be North Korea. We won't be able to do anything about it, because the price of a military strike could be an attack on Tel Aviv, or Jerusalem, or even the United States.”

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