National Police Association: Police Is Under Attack from Politicians and the Media

‘What we’re seeing is a vilification of our law enforcement’


SMITH: "Well, you see, that’s true. I travel all over the country and train law enforcement officers. And you know what law enforcement officers around this country fear? They don’t fear getting shot in the line of duty and all that. They know that’s a possibility. They fear their administrations, they fear being the victim of some sort of political prosecution for just doing their jobs. And yet, we also have criminals. Look at last night in Nashville. We have a police officer who responded with other officers to a 911 call of, 'Somebody just shot my mother, I’m afraid.' Those officers were ambushed, we had an officer get shot and go to the hospital. You know, so police are under attack from things like that, and then we are also under attack from our administrations, from our politicians and from some of our media."

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