Dr. Fauci Tells Wolf Blitzer That We Are at the ‘Bottom of the 6th Inning’ in the Fight Against Coronavirus

‘We’re at least halfway through’


FAUCI: “We’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But now is not a time to declare victory. It’s a time to get more and more people vaccinated, just the way the President said today. We want to get to that goal, it’s a doable goal, and I believe we’ll get there."

BLITZER: "So you think the 7th, the 8th inning, late innings? What inning are you talking about?"

FAUCI: "How about the bottom of the 6th? Try that one."

BLITZER: "I'll go with the bottom of the 6th. That’s not too bad.” 

(Via the Daily Caller)

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