Pelosi: ‘I’m Not a Big Fan of Facebook; They Have Had a Business Model ... Built on Making Money on Misrepresentations’

‘So for a long time, they made money out of Russian money coming in’


PELOSI: "I'm not a big fan of Facebook. They have had a business model that is a business model built on making money on misrepresentations. So for a long time they made money on Russian money coming in and distorting our elections and saying, oh, we didn't know it was Russian. Well, the rubles, okay? So I'm not, again, a big fan of those. If they're making a business decision, then that's one thing. If they're making a values decision, then that would be another. But again, I'm not one of those who respects the business plan based on making money, on the basis of misrepresentations and ignoring the source of those misrepresentations."

(Via the Hill)

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