St. Petersburg, Fla. Mayor: None of Gov. DeSantis’ Covid Orders ‘Have Ever Made Sense’

‘They’re often very confusing’


KRISEMAN: "Quite frankly, Chuck, that’s been the challenge since the beginning of this pandemic. Every time the Governor has taken action, none of his orders have ever made sense. They’ve always been very confusing. The statements he makes publicly oftentimes don't line up with what’s in the order. Just as an example, you mentioned the school system, his order, which is 21-102, goes into effect immediately for all local governments, but he has since that time of putting that out, has told school systems, no, you can keep your mask mandate in place, but local governments cannot do so. So the order itself is confusing. It’s always caused great confusion among the populations and certainly among governments as we try and interpret these orders and apply them to our communities. And certainly, the easiest thing is if he would have just left us to do what’s best for our communities, which is what we’ve done right from the beginning."

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